Records and Recall

Our special software system helps us keep our recruitment processes smooth. We maintain and update our records on a timely basis, which can be recalled for logistics purpose and other requirements.


We follow a systematic process while selecting candidates for a specific job. We also encourage our clients to follow specific standards and procedures for assessing the competency levels of candidates.


We thoroughly verify all the candidates within our database before considering them for deployment. Original credentials are verified before the candidates appear for interviews.


Accurate documentation helps you speed up your operational processes. We endeavour to help our clients compile the required legal documentation and achieve the best hiring results.

Wages and Salaries

We make it a point to meet the current scale of salaries that’s applicable in our clients’ enterprise and also guide our clients’ to arrive at the best salary scales that match the industry trends.

Salary Disbursement

While we believe in accurate and timely payment of salary, there are also certain laws and rules that we adhere to, and accordingly, manage our payroll tasks more efficiently and effectively.

Payroll Management

Although managing payroll can be a complex process, we have the right software solutions to help us. We maintain all records and can efficiently streamline and centralize the whole payroll procedure.


Constructive feedback is what helps drive our business forward. Being transparent in our thinking and processes, we have devised a detailed reporting and client feedback system that offers weekly updates.